Coming this weekend …

Here is a look at just one of my products coming to Sweet Shoppe Designs this weekend. mcato-abeautifulseason-sneakpeek Also don’t forget there are only a couple more days to grab a deal during the Going, Going, Gone product retirement sale. You can see all my retiring products on my GGG Pinterest Board. 914GGG_2

Going, Going, Gone!

It’s time for Sweet Shoppe Design’s Going, Going, Gone product retirement sale.  From now through October 4th, you can save 50% on over 30 of my products before they are retired. 914GGG_1 Here are just a few of kits and product you can pick up at a great price.  See all retiring products on my Going, Going, Gone Pinterest board. mcato-zippitydooda-preview catoclingerman-fanatic-preview mcato-fileunderbeautiful-preview mcato-sidebysideunderreview-preview mcato-datebits45-preview folder

Happy iNSD

Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day.  In celebration, you’ll find everything in my store 30% off through Monday, May 5th.iNSD2014-storeIn honor of iNSD, I have two new releases.  The first, Last Bell, is perfect for scrapping end-of-school celebrations and achievements. mcato-lastbell-preview 14-04-28-Five-minute-fun-700_zps0c2377ebJacinda jp_school_700_zpsd5bc796b 14063674773_f1553999e8_bSara Only-the-Beginning_Judie I was thrilled to get another opportunity to work with Brook Magee to bring you Mermaid Dreams. a fantastical treasure- filled kit created to celebrate all those who dare to swim out to their dreams. It’s perfect for scrapping beach adventures, dress-up games, bath time, water play and summer adventures of all kinds. Let your creativity swim the depths of cool blue tones, sparkling treasure and whimsical illustrations to create your one-of-a-kind layout. mcbm-mermaiddreams-preview 2013-07-Mermaids-WEB_zps919de72c alina bm_mermaid_700_zpscfea31fdLizzy janelle

Don’t forget to check out the entire store and take advantage of the sale.  Here are a few customer favorites and recent releases you won’t want to miss. mcbm-papayaparadise-preview mcjd-abouttime-preview mcato-pocketscrapspockets1-preview mcato-wordsandpictures7-preview mcato-wordsandpictures2page4-preview mcato-pocketscrapslayermasks2-preview When you spend $20 in the shop in a single purchase, you’ll receive the Sea How I Love You free! nsd2014-spend20 Also every purchase made this weekend earns a chance to win a prize from one of our sponsors. You can find detail on the SSD Blog.insd2014-sponsors

Whether scrapping, shopping or making memories, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Save 50% during Going, Going, Gone!

It’s time to clean house at the Sweet Shoppe, which means 100s of products will soon be retired.  The good news for you is that now through October 11th, all retiring kits are 50% off.  Here is a look at what I will be retiring.  Click on any retiring product to go straight to it in the store.

 sppmc-truebeauty-preview mcato-edgypaperschevrons-preview mcato-edgypapershoneycomb-preview mcato-edgypapersbrackets-preview mcato-edgypapersbundle-preview mcato-yipeealpha-preview mcato-unlockedcp-preview mcato-unlockedqp-preview mcato-unlocked-preview mcato-sweetthing-preview mcato-smilesneverwasted-preview mcmm-secretrecipe-preview khmc-queenofhearts-preview mcato-puckerupqp-preview mcato-puckerupcp-preview mcato-puckerup-preview folder mcato-pointhewaytemplates_preview mcato-pointhewaybundle_preview mcato-photofashion-tp mcmm-loveinanylanguageqp-preview mcmm-loveinanylanguagecp-preview mcmm-loveinanylanguage-preview mcato-inthemomentqp-preview mcato-inthemomentcp-preview mcato-inthemoment-preview mcato-golarge4-preview mcato-forgetmenot-preview mcato-emptyyourpocketsqp-preview mcato-emptyyourpocketscp-preview mcato-emptyyourpockets-preview mcato-mixitup-preview mcato-cottagecharmqp-preview mcato-cottagecharmcp-preview mcato-cottagecharm-preview mcato-backyardcapersqp-preview mcato-backyardcaperscp-preview mcato-backyardcapers-preview mcato-watercolorbliss-ap mcsp-aintlifegrand-preview mcato-12monthsbundle-preview mcato-12monthspapers-preview mcato-12monthstemplates-preview mcato-sunbleachedqp-preview mcato-sunbleachedcp-preview mcato-sunbleached-preview mcato-quietreflection-preview mcato-peaceonearth-preview mcato-lookatme-preview mcato-joyfulnoise-preview mcato-golarge3-preview mcato-golarge2-preview mcato-golarge-preview mcato-funkychic-preview mcato-funkychickbb-preview mcato-firstglimpsehisandhers-preview mcato-discoverbeauty-preview mcato-dinosaursafari-preview mcato-contemporarycollage-preview mcato-brightideas-preview 4195c76b3e54477ba5858cc921c6f417 mcato-irononalpha3-preview mcato-irononalpha2-preview mcato-irononalpha1-preview folder mcato-latticemats-previewmcato-moderndays-preview mcato-ourlifeinpictures_preview
mcato-princessqp-preview mcato-princesscp-previewmcato-springforward-preview bennettcato-stargazing-preview96151d3e8414c797bd10769d6424a2d1 aedc25d53cf5c95a4b10e2cfea97e743